Rainbow Trust

An ethos of giving is central to life at NHSG. Girls are encouraged and supported to hold an outward-looking life view and donate their time generously in helping others.

After a whole School vote, the girls selected Rainbow Trust as the 2016-2017 charity for which they will focus their fundraising efforts. Rainbow Trust offers emotional and practical support to families with a seriously ill child.

We are delighted to see the energy with which the girls have thrown themselves into fundraising for Rainbow Trust. In November, Sixth Formers worked with local fashion brands to put on a Fashion Show which raised £1674 for the charity. In November, girls raised over £2000 by taking part in a “Pyjama Day” and school slumber party, arriving at school in an array of onesies, pyjamas and dressing gowns – even a few staff members got involved in the fun!

Other fundraising activities will include stalls at the upcoming Spring Fair. Girls will continue to raise funds throughout the year.

Visit the Rainbow Trust website