In a special vote, an overwhelming majority of girls favoured ‘ships built on the Tyne’ as the theme for our School House names. This theme links strongly with our seahorse symbol which also reflects Newcastle’s maritime heritage.

For more than two centuries, the region’s shipyards produced huge numbers of vessels, from great warships to tankers, cruise liners and cargo ships for the world’s commercial fleets.

Four of these impressive feats of engineering, all built on the Tyne, have been selected to represent the four Houses of Newcastle High School for Girls.

Between them the spirit of innovation and endeavour which went into building these engineering marvels, and the ships themselves, embody a set of values that Newcastle High School for Girls and our pupils encapsulate: selflessness, teamwork, duty, adventure, strength, power, research, exploration, success, innovation, ingenuity, creativity, resilience and determination.

On 4th September, our School’s first day, all the girls and staff discovered which House they had been allocated to – Acadia, Carpathia, Mauretania or Turbinia.

The NHSG Houses:

  • Provide a means for girls to interact and share experiences across all Year Groups
  • Create a supportive network where younger girls can seek help from older girls
  • Offer leadership opportunities
  • Build a sense of belonging and loyalty
  • Allow friendly rivalry and enhance learning through the many House events which include Sports, Music, Drama, Dance and academic endeavour
  • Support the Newcastle High School for Girls’ Learner Promise.