During the summer, 16 girls from Newcastle High visited Kenya as part of their partnership with the Labentera Nursery. Throughout the year, girls have been “sponging” staff, selling cakes and even ran the Great North Run in order to raise enough money to build a classroom for the Labentera Nursery which they visited during their time in Kenya.

Zoya Zaman Head Girl at Newcastle High explained:

We visited several schools; from a nursery, to an all girls’ boarding school to a refugee school for girls fleeing from their villages. We made friends with the girls at the schools, and were fascinated by our similarities and differences. The people of Maasailand welcomed us into their culture, their homes, and their communities. The Purple Cow School had a huge impact on the team because of the vast contrast between their deprivation and our fortunes. Having fundraised for months beforehand to build a classroom for Labentera Nursery, we were absolutely humbled to witness the gratitude of the people in Labentera. We were able to play with the children; this motivated us to fundraise even more on our return.“

The girls continue to raise funds to support this most worthwhile of causes and we are very much looking forward to our next visit to the Labentera Nursery.