New Grand Piano

Music is a huge part of all our lives. We listen to it every day, go to concerts and are moved by music in so many contexts. Music is an essential part of NHSG and from age 3-18, girls love to express themselves through music at School. It is also proven that those that study music achieve highly in both English and Maths at GCSE.

With state of the art and newly refurbished music facilities, we provide the best possible creative learning environment.  We are unable to use our beautiful Bechstein grand piano as it requires a dramatic overhaul including restringing, mechanical repair, general restoration and refurbishment. We began fundraising to refurbish the Bechstein, however, further advice from a specialist has recommended that we buy a new one.

We will now focus our fundraising efforts to purchase a new grand piano so that we can play regularly for school concerts, exams, recitals and for community use.

This project requires a budget of £20,000.

Class Gift

To recognise girls leaving NHSG and how important they are to our community, we work with Year 13 girls to develop a project to commemorate their time at School and that will benefit future generations.

Each year, families of Year 13 are asked to contribute through the deposit donation scheme to generously fund the Class Gift in recognition of their daughter’s NHSG experience.

The Class Gift effort supports a specific purpose that honours Year 13 girls and also creates a meaningful, long-lasting legacy from Year 13 to the School. This is a significant and enduring gift to our School and is remembered with a plaque.

Many thanks to those who contributed to the 2016 class gift. Proceeds will be going to the Grand Piano project.

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