Newcastle High School for Girls - NHSG

At NHSG, your daughter can be the girl she wants to be.

Dream making to Trailblazing
Newcastle High School for Girls - NHSG

At NHSG, your daughter can be the girl she wants to be.

Every girl is her own person, with her own dreams and aspirations and, at NHSG, our aim is to empower girls to be leaders, trailblazers and world shapers. This starts from the moment a girl joins our school, and, whether she is aged 3 or 18, we will help her to find her own voice and to have the self-assurance and skills to achieve her dreams.

At NHSG, an all-girl education is more than just outstanding academic and pastoral care. It’s about equipping every girl to learn without limits so that she can be whoever she wants to be. 

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Decades of experience in teaching girls

We’re part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, the UK’s leading family of independent girls’ schools including two academies. At the GDST our inspiring schools enable girls to become confident, fearless and determined to show what they can do.  

Newcastle High School for Girls - Inspiration

Inspiration happens in the classroom. And out of it.

Academic rigour and exceptional teaching and learning are at the heart of an NHSG education. We offer an exciting curriculum delivered by inspirational teachers who are experts in the ways that girls learn best. And this doesn't stop at the classroom door. In fact, every minute of every day is packed full of learning opportunities. Our co-curriculum combines with our curriculum so that each girl has the opportunity to learn new skills, broaden her horizons and have a lot of fun along the way. The strong community and warm atmosphere created by our all-girl school provides the perfect environment for girls to gain confidence and excel.

Why all girl
Newcastle High School for Girls - Facilities

Our facilities mean that girls learn without limits

At NHSG, our first class facilities and excellent resources allow for inspirational learning. Every aspect of these, from Nursery through to Sixth Form, has been designed to facilitate the delivery of an outstanding education and to meet the needs of the girls. Our Nursery and Junior School are set in a stunning environment, with five acres of grounds, providing a truly unique and safe place for our youngest pupils. And our Senior School, which was completely redeveloped in 2016, offers an inspiring environment for every discipline. 

Newcastle High School for Girls - Open Days

Open Days. See for yourself.

You'll learn a lot about NHSG by exploring this website, but nothing substitutes for coming to visit our School. We’d love to show you around! Walking through our doors, you'll immediately gain a sense of our vibrant learning community and start to understand exactly why girls thrive here.  

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Pupil in Sixth Form

I feel as though NHSG has made me into the person I was always meant to be - confident, brave, and proud. That’s why I love it here!

Newcastle High School for Girls - EarlyYears

Into Nursery and Reception

It's natural for parents to want the very best for their child, and, if your daughter joins us, you can be confident that's what you will be giving her. From age three, our expert EYFS staff will help her to quickly establish the excellent foundations needed for all her future learning. Exceptional teaching, combined with first class resources and facilities, will mean your daughter will be off to a flying start. 

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Parent of an Early Years pupil

From her first day in Nursery, our daughter has been so very happy at NHSG. She has flourished emotionally and academically in an incredibly warm and supportive environment under the dedicated guidance of her teachers. 

Newcastle High School for Girls - Juniors

Starting in Junior School.

She may still be little but it couldn’t be more important for your daughter to be in an environment where she can stretch her mind and indulge her natural curiosity with the support of our excellent teachers. At NHSG, your daughter's experience will also be shaped by the extensive grounds and unique setting of our Junior School. An oasis in the heart of the city, we're able to offer a rich combination of indoor and outdoor learning that draws on a wealth of natural resources. In this inspiring environment, and surrounded by encouragement, your daughter will learn she can be anything she wants to be.

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Parent of a Junior School pupil

Having had two taster sessions at NHSG, when her first proper day at Junior School came, she skipped in to class without a care in the world.  The difference was beyond belief. She obviously knew this was the right place for her.

Newcastle High School for Girls - Seniors

Stepping up to Senior School.

As your daughter makes the transition into Senior School, you'll already know that you want to offer her every opportunity to flourish during these next important years. All pupils at NHSG are testament to the fact that girls thrive at our school. At NHSG, your daughter will benefit from the outstanding teaching and pastoral care that you would expect from a school of our standing. What sets us apart, however, is our unique all-girl environment. It is here she'll have the space to develop her inner confidence and to learn without limits.

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Parent of a Senior School pupil

I have been really impressed by the level of care and support offered to my daughter since she started at NHSG. The diverse and challenging lessons and excellent extra-curricular opportunities have made her first terms at NHSG engaging and rewarding. The staff have been approachable and efficient and the whole experience has been wonderful for my daughter.

Newcastle High School for Girls - Sixth Form

Aiming high in Sixth Form.

The two years in Sixth Form will be crucial to your daughter's future. It's here that she'll further her love for intellectual enquiry, inspired by our excellent teachers. We'll develop her academic and personal skills, and ensure that she has a rich and rewarding Sixth Form experience. She'll grow in confidence and she'll come to understand her own potential so that she makes exactly the right choices for her both in Sixth Form and beyond. In the words of one of our students: "NHSG really provides a guiding hand to all their students to allow them to excel in their own talents and passions." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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Parent of a Sixth Form pupil

Her chosen A Level departments are led by exceptional teachers who actively encourage her and have helped her reach her full potential.

Newcastle High School for Girls - GDST

Part of the GDST family.

The Girls’ Day School Trust is a unique family made up of 25 all-girl independent schools across England and Wales. As specialists in girls’ education, all schools in the GDST family tailor teaching to the way girls learn best so they learn without limits.

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