11 Girls from Newcastle High have achieved top grades and will now be going off to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry at some of the top Universities in the UK.Collectively the group praised Newcastle High’s supportive environment for building confidence and encouraging them to work together as a team to support one another through the tough application process.

Ramya Narayanan who achieved 4A*s and is off to Clare College, Cambridge to study Medicine said:

“One of the happiest things about today is that everyone who wanted to do medicine has got the grades.  School has been amazing, I have been here since the Juniors and throughout A levels and the application process everyone has really supported one another.  I feel we have all helped each other get through the exams and are now on the road to becoming doctors and dentists and of course a vet!”

“It really helped to know that all my close friends were on the same page, working together to get the offers and then the grades to get in to study medicine;” said, Mehak Kakwani who is going to Leeds University to study Medicine

Mehak said:

“All my close friends were applying for medicine so we worked as a team to get through the application process.  We knew we had to work hard and stay focused and the environment at Newcastle High helped, as it is incredibly friendly and supportive.”

Anusha Prabhu who is studying Medicine at Imperial College London said:

“All those applying for Medicine and Dentistry developed really strong bonds with each other.  The application process is tough with UK CAT, BMAT test as well as the interview process so we worked together, we met at each other’s houses to pool resources and practice for UK CAT and the interview process.  It is great to know that it paid off, we’ve all done it and are going on to study medicine.”

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