Listening to Emily Plummer and her Mum speak, one soon realises they are like two peas from a pod. Both started at one of Newcastle High’s predecessor schools, Central High, at the age of three at West Avenue, Gosforth and then continued at the school until 18. Both have a shared work ethic and both applied to study Medicine, both were accepted – the only difference was the timing!

Professor Plummer, Emily’s mum, is now a renowned oncologist working in the field of cancer care and research and Emily has today had her place confirmed at Birmingham University to study Medicine after achieving thee As in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

Talking of her choice, Emily who is from Heddon-on-the-Wall, said:  “I always knew I wanted to be either a teacher or a doctor but I decided about two years ago to follow the medicine route.  At the moment I think I would like to be GP.  I have had some work experience in a GP Practice and just loved it.  I really like the relationship that can develop between the patients and the doctors; it’s the community aspect that appeals to me.”

Birmingham University was also a firm choice for Emily. “It was the integrated course that attracted me to Birmingham – it mixes clinical work and science study all the way through.  It is a huge relief to know that I will be going there.”

Professor Plummer added: “I am really proud of Emily; she knew what she need to achieve and she focused on it.  She’s been great!”

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