On receipt of an application form our Admissions Team will contact you to arrange for your daughter to have her assessment/examination.  A copy of your daughter’s report from her current school is also required.

If your daughter was due to attend for her entrance assessment and has not been able to attend because of the Covid-19 outbreak, our admissions team will contact you soon to discuss the next steps.

If you have not yet been invited for assessment but would like your daughter to join NHSG in September 2020 then please contact our admissions team who will be able to discuss our temporary arrangements with you.

We hope that the current situation will change so that entrance assessments for those wishing to join NHSG after September 2020 will follow our normal pattern, which we will detail soon.


Transfers from other GDST schools will be arranged subject to a place being available and with the agreement of the Head.

For more information, please contact our  Admissions Manager, Miss Julia Howe.

E: j.howe@ncl.gdst.net

T: 0191 201 6511