Fees per term

Junior School – Nursery and Reception

Girls can join our Nursery during the term they turn 3 years old, and will then transfer automatically into Reception at the appropriate point. All girls can attend Nursery on a part-time basis for a minimum of five mornings per week. We do encourage full-time attendance from as soon as possible to ensure that the girls benefit fully from our educational offer.

As NHSG is an approved childcare provider you can benefit from the Government’s early education and child care funding providing 15 hours free per week. This funding is available from the term after your daughter turns 3 years old until the end of the term in which she turns 5 years old.

The following fees table provides the average fees per term with and without the Early Education Funding.

Average fees per term*Part time (after deducting 15 hours free)*Part time(without early education funding applied)**Full time (after deducting 15 hours free)**Full time (without early education funding applied)Lunch per term

N.B: Fees vary per term when applying the 15 free hours early years funding and the fees shown above represent an average cost per term.
*Nursery part time fees shown are based on five sessions per week. Your daughter can attend for more than five sessions per week depending on your requirements
**Nursery full time fees are based on ten sessions per week

Please speak with our Admissions Team to calculate the fees for your daughter which will depend on your daughter’s eligibility for the 15 hours early education funding and the number of Nursery sessions she will be attending.

Junior School – Year 1 to Year 6

 Fees per termLunch per term
Years 1 - 2£3,531£213
Years 3 - 6£3,531£226

Junior School – after school and holiday day care

During the term time, Junior School pupils at all stages can arrive at Junior School and be supervised by school staff from 8.00 until 16.00 with no additional charge. Over and above this, our flexible After School Club runs during term time starting at 16.00 and Seahorse Club runs during the school holidays. We accept childcare vouchers for both After School Club and Seahorse Club.

After School Club
(16.00 - 18.00)
After School ClubSeahorse ClubSeahorse ClubSeahorse Club
Per 30 minsSnackFull Day
(9.00 - 17.00)
Half Day
(9.00 - 13.00 or 13.00 - 17.00)
(8.00 - 9.00 or 17.00-18.00)

Senior School – Year 7 to Year 13

 Fees per termLunch per term
Years 7 - 11£4,470£234
Years 12 - 13£4,470£205

Senior School – before/ after school and holiday day care

During the term time girls can arrive at school at 7.00 and remain in school until 19.00, if required. We operate a breakfast club each day at 8.00 and the girls pay for the items purchased on the day using our cashless payment system.  Girls in Years 7 and 8 can attend Seahorse Club offering holiday day care and the costs are shown above in the Junior School section

Please note:

Fees cover tuition as part of the regular curriculum, textbooks and scientific materials. Fees also include non-residential curriculum trips.

Public examination fees charged by the examination boards are covered by the fee payment. Fees for re-marks requested by parents or re-sits of modular examinations are charged directly to parents at the examination board rates.

Fees do not cover tuition for optional extra subjects, which are charged for directly by the School or the self-employed peripatetic teacher. The costs of stationery are also additional to the fees.

Tuition fees do not include School lunches. All pupils up to the end of Year 13 are required to have School lunch and the cost is added to the fees account and collected at the beginning of every term.

Payment of fees

Fees must be paid for by the Bank Direct Debit system and the necessary form can be provided either by the School or from the Trust Head Office. The fees may be paid either termly in advance or by monthly instalments (four per term).

Acceptance fee

A deposit of £350 is charged on the acceptance of a place, and is held until the pupil leaves the School. It will be refunded as soon as is reasonably practicable after this and, in any case, no later than 12 weeks after the end of term, less any outstanding fees or additional charges due to the School. It is forfeit if a pupil is withdrawn after the place has been accepted.

NOTE: This website is for information only and does not form part of any contract between the parents and the Girls’ Day School Trust. This is because the information has necessarily been prepared well in advance of entry of a pupil to the school and inevitably there may be subsequent alterations.