IMG_2217We aim to ensure all our alumnae stay connected with one another and with School.

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to draw on the support and help of alumnae from our two founding schools, making our school community stronger than ever. Our ‘old girls’ are a very important part of our School community and you are always welcome at school, no matter how recently or how long ago you left!

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Central High Church High Newcastle High

GDST Alumnae Network

As Newcastle High is one of the school’s of the Girls’ Day School Trust, all our girls will join the GDST Alumnae Network when they reach Sixth Form.  This is an active community of nearly 60,000 former students and staff of the 23 schools and two academies of the GDST. It is the biggest network of its kind in the country.

Download your copy of GDST Girl for Life Magazine 19/20 here.

Learn more about how GDST girls can harness the wider Alumnae network to their advantage in the video below:

It brings together alumnae based in the UK and overseas, making connections, sharing news, passing on careers and university expertise, hosting professional and social events, and helping alums link to old and new friends alike – from their old schools and from others.

Who is part of it? GDST women share many characteristics, but the Network is composed of people from many different paths in life – City bankers, stay-at-home mums, charity workers, entrepreneurs and more. The diversity and size of the community are what help to make it special.

Visit the GDST Alumnae website