Jasmine Down

9A*s and 1 A

Chemistry, Biology and Geography at A level

Work experience in the burns unit at the RVI this summer cemented Jasmine’s desire to do medicine and her GCSE results have set her on the right track with 9 A*s and an A.

Jasmine said: “I was so shocked and relieved when I opened the envelope, the exams had gone ok, but as the summer went on, I started to doubt how I’d done.  I put a lot of work in and had worked a lot harder for my GCSEs than I’ve done in the past, so I’m really delighted.”

“All my friends are pleased with their results which is great, we were all aiming high and we’ve spurred each other on.  I’ve been at Newcastle High since I was 3 years old and I really like it here so I’m looking forward to moving into Sixth form where I know the staff and they know me.”

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