Newcastle High School for Girls is celebrating an impressive line-up of top GCSE grades, to herald the opening of the new School in two weeks’ time.

Over a third of all the girls taking GCSE exams at Central High, 24 girls in total, achieved A * or A grades in every single subject they took. Celebration was widespread, at Central High 33% of all GCSE entries were at A* grade, 71%  at A* or A grade, and 91% A*- B.
Newcastle Church High School is also celebrating another outstanding year of GCSE results, with almost 60 per cent of all grades at the top level – A* and As – and close to 90 per cent of all grades at A*-B.

Hilary French, Headmistress of Central High and of Newcastle High School for Girls from this September, said: “This is another set of excellent results, and I am really pleased with the outstanding achievements of the girls from both schools, particularly given the talk of expected turbulence in GCSE grades this year. There are some phenomenal individual achievements, both the top A* grades and, equally important, where girls have exceeded their own personal target grades. I am delighted for the pupils who have been rewarded for all their hard work, and for parents and teachers as it is definitely a team effort.

“These results are an excellent start for our new sixth form at Newcastle High, and I am looking forward to seeing the girls when they start back in a couple of weeks”.
Mrs French is also delighted that the School’s GCSE results were particularly strong in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths – the so called ‘STEM subjects’ where traditionally boys have excelled  – with many of the girls going on to do A Levels in these subjects.

“Our outstanding results in STEM subjects, traditionally considered as ‘boys’ subjects’, and the fact that so many of our girls are continuing with these Science subjects to A level is clear evidence of the benefits of educating girls in a single sex environment, and the ability of girls to do well in these subjects if they are given a chance”.

Two of the highest achievers at Central High were Victoria Bromham and Emma Moreby, both with an astounding 11A*s each.
Victoria Bromham who lives in North Shields was thrilled to discover she had a full house with all 11 GSCEs at A*.

Still a little dazed by her success, Victoria said “I didn’t sleep too well last night, I just didn’t know how well I had done. My results weren’t really what I expected but I am really pleased, especially with my Art and Maths as these were the two exams I was most worried about”.

Victoria said: “I am planning to take Maths, Chemistry, Physics and English Literature at A Level.  I am thinking of taking Chemistry at university – whatever I do it will definitely be Science related.”
Some words of advice from Victoria to this year’s Year 11 “Try to work hard throughout the whole of the year not just for the examinations.”

Sophie Dodds from Gateshead also had a stellar set of results with 10A*s and one A grade. When Sophie opened her GCSE results at Central High, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “I had to get my mum to read the results out to me…I was so shocked and happy with my results and really surprised to have A*s in Latin and Maths as these were the two subjects I found the most hard.”

Sophie is planning to take the three Sciences at A level alongside Geography and is considering a career as a doctor.  She said: “This summer I had some work experience at North Tyneside Hospital and the Freeman Hospital which I really enjoyed.”

“I am really looking forward to Sixth Form at Newcastle High and the additional freedom and independence I will have”.

Sophie plans to balance her academic studies with other activities: “I am working towards my Intermediate grade in Ballet and I really enjoy climbing – it’s so exciting.”

Competition was also hot between two identical twin sisters Susannah and Beatrice Smellie from Brancepeth, County Durham.  Happily both twins, who attend Central High in Jesmond, achieved all A*s and As and are celebrating together with a massive 21 A* and A GCSEs between them.

The sisters believe their success derives from their revision techniques. “We revised separately and then tested each other at the end of each revision session. We are sure it helped us to do really well!”
The girls, although identical, had very different thoughts about opening their results, and opened their envelopes in separate parts of the School Hall.

Beatrice said: “Susannah was much more stressed than I was, I was able to put my nerves to the back of my mind and open my results straight away.”  Her sister, Susannah added: “Beatrice really helped to keep me calm in the lead up to opening the results. I waited a little but eventually opened my results with friends. Afterwards, I just wanted to make sure Beatrice was happy.”

Both girls will study Geography, History and Biology at A Level, with Beatrice choosing Ethics and Philosophy as her fourth choice and Susannah choosing French.  Beatrice is unsure of what she wants to do after Sixth Form whereas Susannah enjoys languages and is considering a career in Law.

Newcastle Church High School is also celebrating another outstanding year of GCSE results, with almost 60 per cent of all grades at the top level – A* and As – and close to 90 per cent of all grades at A*-B.

Joy Gatenby, Head of Church High, said: “GCSE results day is such a significant milestone in all young people’s lives. We are so proud of all our girls have achieved – they have each excelled. It is these important moments that they will always remember and look back on as the start of a very exciting future.

“In the past week, both our A Level and GCSE students have seen all their hard work pay off and each and every one of our girls, has given themselves the best possible start to their future careers.

“Alongside our colleagues and fellow students from Central High, our whole school community has joined together to look forward to the future. Achieving such outstanding GCSE results this week, following on from our A Level success, just serves to reinforce the strong foundations Newcastle High School for Girls will be built upon.”

Amongst the Church High girls celebrating was A* student Xueqing Zhang, 16, from Kingston Park, Newcastle, who surpassed her own expectations to get a clean sweep of outstanding GCSE results – four A* and six As – across a wide range of subjects.

Xueging will now start her A Levels In English Literature, History and Biology at the sixth form at Newcastle High School for Girls in September. Speaking after opening her results, Xueqing said: “I’m so happy with my results, I have done better than I expected and can’t quite believe it. Now I am really excited to start Sixth Form and work on my A Levels at Newcastle High School for Girls. I think starting Sixth Form in the new School will be good because there will be new experiences and I can make new friends.”

Bright young Church High A* student, Hannah Mankin, 16, from Gosforth, is celebrating GCSE success after all her hard work has paid off with six A*s and four A grades. With ambitions to one day go to the University of London, she is well on her way with such impressive results and her determination to succeed.

Hannah said: “It’s amazing! I can’t actually believe my results – I have done way better than I thought but I am really happy that all the work I put in has paid off in the end. I really enjoyed studying Physics, Chemistry and Geography which I got A*s for, and I’m pleased with my As in Biology, Maths and German too.
“It has been quite a challenge because of all the hard work needed but I took part in the school netball and hockey teams which were really helpful as a break from revising. Now I am looking forward to going out for a meal with my friends tonight to celebrate as everyone has done really well”.

Antonina Kulmasova, 16, from Wallsend not only achieved eight As, she also achieved the first half of an A Level in Russian, in which she got a B. “I’m really happy with my results! I want to go on to study Physics, Religious Studies, and Art or something like that. I’m moving to Scotland soon and they have a different scheme up there, so I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing yet! I’ve been at Church High for five years, since Year Seven so it’ll be a big change. Outside of school I play the piano and guitar, so I’ll be taking that with me too.”

Church High pupil, Connie Beswick, 16, from Alnwick achieved eight A*s in a range of subjects including Religious Studies and Biology. She said: “I’m so relieved and happy to finally have my results! I’ll be staying at Newcastle High School for Girls Sixth Form next year, and I have been here since Year 5.

“I’ll be doing A Levels in Maths, English literature, History and Philosophy, I was happy with my results in English so I want to carry on with that in the future, but I’m still not 100% sure of what I want to do yet as a career!” Connie lives in the countryside near Alnwick and loves to bike ride in Hauxley because of the fantastic beach route.


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