Hannah Rees-Middleton, Hexham.

8A*s and 2 A

A very smiley Hannah is delighted with her grades of 8A*s and two As and knows two of the three subjects she will be studying at A level, one of them a Modern Foreign Language.

“Spanish and History are definite, but I’m not sure of my 3rd option.  I was going to base it on my grades but I’ve got A*s in all those I was considering, it is a wonderful dilemma to have.”

“I’ve been at Newcastle High since Year 2 and I’m so excited to be going into the 6th form.  My family are overjoyed by my results and my sister is too, she also studied here.”

Her sister went on to study Spanish and French at University, a trend that Hannah is continuing in Sixth form at Newcastle High, with her Spanish A level.

“Neither of my parents are linguists, only me and my sister.  I love Spanish and learning about another culture. It is wonderful to be able to go to another country and speak the language, learning languages helps break down barriers.”

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