NHSG - GDST Year 6 Maths Conference stretches girls

GDST Year 6 Maths Conference stretches girls

October 15, 2021
The annual GDST Junior Maths Conference took place online this year on Thursday 15th October. Year 6 pupils enjoyed a range of mathematical challenges and activities and explored a number of key topics including a very timely session on exponential growth which really helped the girls to make sense of current headlines about rising Covid-19 infection rates. Girls started the day by using their pattern identification skills to great effect. They created a Pascal Triangle and found symmetrical patterns as well as a buried Fibonacci sequence. For the next part of the conference we virtually connected with other GDST schools across the country to focus on patterns created by odd and even numbers which resulted in the famous Sierpinski Triangle. The girls were amazed by the pattern which emerged gradually as they worked through the odd and even numbers. Next, Year 6 were tested with a tetrahedron task, developing their learning on complex triangle structures. Teamwork was critical to success with girls having to collaborate when measuring and manipulating balloons then working in even larger teams to create tetrahedrons that could interlock with others to create larger scale tetrahedrons. We quickly realised we were going to need a bigger space at the rate of ‘growth’ as a result of the girls handiwork, but thankfully the Hall provided the space to finalise and inspect the gigantic tetrahedron from new angles! For the final part of the day, the girls aced the virtual quiz against their GDST sisters, using their newly enhanced knowledge of patterns from their week of practical Mathematics. We were so impressed by the way they tackled the challenging questions which were based around real world contexts such as bank statements and financial management information. Well done to everyone involved for a wonderful week of collaboration and mathematical exploration. We would also like to thank the GDST for organising this special annual event.