The presence of a Tony Moss sundial is a mark of prestige worldwide: the Science Museum in London includes one among its exhibits; the most northerly sundial in the world – on Svalbard – is a Tony Moss dial and when Canada made preparations for Prince William’s visit, they ordered a Tony Moss sundial to be unveiled in his honour.

So we were, of course, delighted when Tony offered to design two final sundials for Newcastle High before a well-deserved retirement.

The first was unveiled outside Chapman House in front of the whole Junior School on Monday 30th October, and the second was installed later in the morning on the Roof Terrace at Senior School.

Both sundials are mounted on limestone pedestals and feature the School seahorse as well as the names of our fellow GDST schools.

After unveiling his gifts to the School, including his granddaughter Freya in Year 8, Tony delivered an informative presentation to Year 7 girls about the creation and use of sundials.

As we celebrate 200 years of history at Chapman House this year, and mark one year at our new Senior School facilities, it is wonderful to have such fantastic additions to School which can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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