Miranda Debski and Maddie Brown are both heading to Bristol University to read English and History after receiving news of their excellent grades today.

Both girls confessed that it has been a bit stressful in the lead up to results day.  “I have been distracting myself over the last few days with the thought of seeing my friends today,” said Miranda, while Maddie told us that she had a paltry 3 hours sleep last night.

The girls’ anxiety was soon replaced with relief and joy as Maddie was celebrating an A* and two As and Miranda two A*s and an A.

With the wait and the stress behind them both however are now really excited about going Bristol University.

Miranda who will be reading English said: “When I visited the university, I attended a talk on Chaucer.  Perhaps not the most exciting to some, but the talk was absolutely amazing and that clinched it for me.”

Maddie who will be taking History added: “I just love the city as well as the course.”

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