Tizzy Lawson, 18, from Cleadon, is a talented all-rounder who has been involved in a wide variety of different pursuits, fVisitor Safety Inductionrom hockey to dancing, during her time at Newcastle High School for Girls. Tizzy, who is also Deputy Head Girl, achieved a fantastic 2A*s and an A in her A Level results, along with an A* in her Extended Project Qualification and is now off to Leeds to study Medicine. Tizzy said: “I’m so emotional today, I’m just so happy. I can’t believe I’m going to Leeds to study Medicine; I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was little and studying Medicine means I’m taking a great step towards my future career, I just think it’ll be so rewarding.

“School is such a big part of my life, I will be sad to leave. I was Deputy Head Girl and a member of the School Council and I’ve always tried to get involved in lots of different extracurricular activities, including hockey, netball and school productions, which I hope to carry on at university. This school just gives you so many amazing opportunities and the teachers are fantastic, it’s been great!”
Delighted Rose Bell, 18, from Gateshead, scooped a fantastic 3A* grades in Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Sports Captain Rose is going on to sturose - webdy Medicine at Birmingham University and is excited by what’s to come. Rose said: “This will be the first time I’ve ever lived away from home so I’m nervous but I’m looking forward to getting my independence. I was inspired to become a doctor after my work experience and really think the career choice will suit my personality.

“After the merger, being part of the first year of Newcastle High School for Girls has been such a special experience. I feel that we’ve been able to play such a big part in founding some of the new traditions for the school – it’s nice to feel part of that history. I’ve made so many friends here and the teachers are just fantastic, I will definitely miss school.”

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Zennub Ahmed achieved two A*s and an A after studying at Newcastle High School for Girls for four years. She is heading to Newcastle University come September and will be studying Physiological Sciences, but her real passion is Medicine. After one year, Zennub hopes to apply to study Medicine at Newcastle University and continue her passion. Zennub said: “I was quite shy at school compared to the other girls, but I will really miss them and the school. I’m jetting off to Istanbul for a well-needed two week holiday before University starts, and will be catching up with my friends and seeing my family to celebrate my success.”





Abigail Southgate, 18, from Heaton, studied Latin, Chemistry and Biology and after achieving 3 As will be heading off to abigail - webEdinburgh University to study Medicine. Abigail said: “I still feel so unprepared for University, I have so much to do! I have been at this school since year four and will really miss it as it is such a close-knit group of people here, but I am looking forward to becoming a doctor in a hospital someday.”

18-year-old Genevieve Perrins, from Cleadon, achieved two A*s and an A in Biology, Chemistry and Geography and will be going off to Leeds University to study Medicine. She has been at NHSG for seven years, she said: “I will miss the people, both the staff and the students, it is such a close-knit community and everyone is very supportive of one another. I’m just taking one step at a time at the minute, it’s all still surreal!” Visitor Safety Induction

Genevieve was Athletics captain at the school for two years and she wishes to carry that on into university, as it is her favourite hobby. Tonight she will be celebrating with a meal with her family and drinks with her friends.
Salma El-Ghrably, originally from Egypt and currently living in Gosforth, is very happy with her results after achieving three A grades in Chemistry, Biology and Religious Studies. She also achieved an A* in Arabic which she took in Year 9. Salma is doing a gap year in Tanzania where they have a great medics program and she is also hoping to volunteer while she’s there. Salma said: “I don’t have any plans for university just yet, I want to enjoy my gap year, eventually I would like to study medicine somewhere and become a GP but I don’t have those plans yet! I have already celebrated my results with family in Egypt over summer, so I don’t have any plans for tonight yet.”

Salma says she will miss being familiar with everyone and being part of groups such as Coaching for Learning.


Visitor Safety InductionAmelia Dickinson is an 18 year old student from Northumberland, she has been attending NHSG since year 5 but is looking forward to moving to Cardiff. She says: “I got one A* and two A’s which means I get to go to University in Cardiff and study medicine. The thing that struck me about the university is how good the course sounds, and I am so relieved with my results and happy I managed to get there. I don’t have anything prepared for my move to University yet, I didn’t want to jinx my results by buying anything in case I didn’t get in!”

Amelia says that she will really miss the teachers, friends and atmosphere of Newcastle High School for Girls but after celebrating with her friends in Malia and with her family in Greece she is happy to keep doing what she does best. She continues: “I was tennis captain, a member of the hockey team and a prefect at the school, I loved being involved with the sporting activity and I hope to join Cardiff’s hockey team at some point during my time there.”

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