Cara Blight has been keeping herself well occupied over the summer with a holiday and her involvement in the National Citizen Service scheme to take her mind off the impending release of GCSE results.

She said: “It’s only been in the past week that I have started to think about today. I wanted to get all grade 8s and maybe one or two 9s so I didn’t expect the results I got today – I even got an A in additional Maths!”

Cara’s top grades at GCSE include seven 9s and she plans to take French, Spanish and Geography at A Level.

“I had been considering Maths at A Level but then decided to choose Spanish as a second language choice. I love learning languages – even the vocabulary learning that most people hate! I just think it’s bad that we expect people from other countries to speak English – there is so much more to learning a language than just being able to speak it – it’s a way of getting to understand other people’s culture too.”

Cara is hoping to apply to Oxbridge, as well as possibly Durham and St Andrews, to study both Spanish and French to degree level and is already looking forward to being able to focus on the subjects she is passionate about both in Sixth Form at NHSG and then at university.

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