On Thursday 22nd March, North East businesses and organisations, alumnae and parents and friends of NHSG came to together to put on an incredible showcase of opportunities open to our girls as they leave school and embark on the first steps towards their chosen careers.

The event kicked off at 4.30 p.m. with the first of a series of talks by professionals on their careers and the skills valued in their field.
Among them were alumnae Lauren Frisby from Pearson Caulfield who gave a talk on Law and Caroline Boddy from Nataxis for who shared her experiences as a linguist in her talk “Languages on the Trading Floor”.

Many thanks also to Pamela Roberts for her talk “Careers in the City”; Cundall Engineering for their Engineering talk; to Sue Dawson from Dundee University for her talk “Environmental Science and Geography”; Carol Watson from the University of Sunderland for her talk “From Paris to Primark: a career in fashion journalism”; to Clare Wright from Newcastle Medical School for her talk “Applying to do Medicine” and to Sam Dixon from JDDK Architects for her talk on Architecture.

As well as the talks, the Dining Area and Hall were packed with representatives from over 40 local businesses and organisa0tions. The professionals ranged from engineers to artists and each offered girls advice in pursuing a career in their field or specific company.

The CareerConnect Fair aims to inspire and inform girls about the wealth of opportunities available to them and it was certainly successful. Girls asked questions, learned about careers they had never considered or even heard of before, and some even secured work experience placements.

After meeting with Easyjet pilots at the Fair, aspiring pilot Tatiana Gaillard-Morris, Year 12, decided to take the first steps in realising her dream and had her first flying lesson the following week.

Thank you to everyone who lent their support to CareerConnect. If you would like to be involved in future events, please contact CareerConnect Coordinator Mrs Ridley. Girls who missed the event may visit Mrs Ridley in the Careers Office for a copy of the programme which includes useful information on the companies and individuals who attended.

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