As Catriona contemplated the implications of her A Level results today she declared that it was the first feeling of calm that she experienced in three months!

The lead up to the exams and then the wait afterwards is excruciating for all but suddenly all feels worth it when you get the results-news you are hoping for.

For Catriona an A* in Biology, an A in French and a B in Chemistry has meant that her place at St Andrews to study Medicine has been confirmed.

Catriona’s granddad had been a doctor but it was her family’s medical and health issues that had led to Catriona developing a real interest in Medicine which was further developed when she joined NHSG in Year 10.  Following her work experience in Year 11, Catriona knew it was Medicine or nothing and completely focused on achieving her dream.

“It just feels great today and I am also delighted to be going back to Scotland where I lived for 10 years.  St Andrews is such a warm and friendly university and I have the advantage of studying for three years at St Andrews and then a further three years in Manchester University which will include a year abroad. “

Catriona wants to make full use of her French A Level for her year abroad.

“I am going to self-teach myself French for the next two years and then in my third year at St Andrews I will take a course in medical French.  My year abroad will be in a French speaking country so I will be preparing for working for example in a French hospital.”

With so much to look forward to, Catriona also takes moment to look back at her time at NHSG.

“I have made a lot of good friends at school and have had so much help to get me through my GCSEs and A levels.  The staff were genuinely interested and invested in helping me and supporting me in more than just academic work.  It’s been fantastic support.”


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