4A* and 6 As

Drama, Politics and Philosophy

Marla Brown who has been at Newcastle High since nursery has performed in every musical the school has put on since Year 7 and is looking forward to continuing this tradition when studying A Levels in Drama, Politics and Philosophy.

Marla said: “I hear the next performance is Hairspray and I will be trying out for a part.  I love acting and musical theatre and could see myself going on to study Drama or Law at University.”

Marla, who is an only child, was joined by her mum when collecting her results and both mum and daughter have great reason to celebrate with 4A*s and 6 As in the bag.

Marla added; “I didn’t like to plan anything just in case it went badly but now I’ve got my results celebrations are in order.

Both mum and daughter had great praise for Marla’s Biology teacher, Mr Wake.

“In all the subjects I was really worried about I ended up getting an A*, including Biology.  It was all down to Mr Wake who helped turn my results around, he was transformational.”

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