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Maths, Chemistry and Drama
Some  might think the combination of Chemistry and Drama to be an odd one, but not for Ahilya who regards both Chemistry and Drama as extremely creative disciplines and is looking forward to continuing both in her chosen University, University College London where she will be studying Chemistry.  Ahilya is especially pleased because the University Theatre is located across the road from the Chemistry department.Drama is a big part of Ahilya’s life.  She took the starring role of Anita in the school’s production ofWest Side Story and plans to continue her drama and music while at university.

“I am very excited by my results and the prospect of going to UCL.  I have been at Newcastle High since Year 1 and it is great to be finishing on a high!  I haven’t got a celebration planned, as I was planning for the worst not for the best, I have even got my computer and my clearing folder in the car, thankfully I don’t need them!

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