This Autumn, a school ‘tradition’ was revived: the biennial Years 10-13 Greek Trip. The trip was open to all girls in these Year Groups, not just Classicists – after all, everyone needs a grounding in classical history! The trip comprised a frantic multi-centre tour of the major sites, from Athens to Mycenae via Delphi and Olympia, requiring a dash of stamina and a dollop of intellectual curiosity; fortunately, the eight girls from Years 10 to 12 who came had this in abundance, plus helpings of good humour, friendliness and (mostly) common sense!

The tour was led by Mrs McEvedy, with help from Mrs Summerson-Fenwick and Eleanor McEvedy, now studying Classics at Edinburgh, and a veteran of the last trip in 2012, so her knowledge of all the sites was invaluable.

We started with a couple of days in Athens, in glorious weather, enjoying the contrast with rainy Britain! Our tour here took in the Acropolis – of course – as well as all the associated sites, the National Museum, the Temple of Zeus, the changing of the guard at the Parliament, and a lot of cats and tortoises: even the odd parrot.

Chauffered by our excellent driver George, we then had a wonderful couple of days at Delphi – once the ‘bellybutton’ of the known world, and still magnificent. Olympia was sadly ‘rained off’ – the storm was tropical – but we consoled ourselves with hot chocolate and a trip to the Archimedes museum.

Our final few days (during which we were relieved not to be evicted from the EU) were spent in the Mycenae area, where we thrilled to the monuments of the ancient Atreides, and tried out the acoustics at the fabulous Epidauros theatre. Corinth, with its wonderfully preserved Roman forum, was also a highlight.

Apart from a few minor setbacks – the aforementioned rain and the loss of two phones – everyone had a great time, and learned a lot! We also amused ourselves with our own ‘octathlon’ of games, quizzes and a vase-drawing competition, resulting in prizes for all on the last night. A game called ‘Chronology’ proved a surprising hit; it sounds difficult and dull but it brought out vicious competitiveness in all who tried it!

We fully intend to run the trip again in 2021, so watch out for announcements next Autumn.

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