Every day it seems, there’s another news report or controversy relating to gender inequality in the workplace, whether it be the number of women on FTSE boards, the gender pay gap or the recently published report following the Government’s inquiry into ‘High heels and workplace dress codes’.

The sad but true fact is that gender inequality exists today in the UK and it continues to have a detrimental impact on the career paths of women.  It will continue to do so in the future unless we all work to challenge our own, and others, personal unconscious and conscious gender bias (male and female).

It’s for this reason that we are launching the Dads4Daughters campaign at NHSG.  We know that fathers not just mothers are in a strong position to effect change and we need your support.


Dads4Daughters was launched last year by St Paul’s Girls School in London, partly inspired by the recent UN HeForShe initiative. The campaign seeks to achieve greater gender equality in the workplace by enlisting fathers directly and by raising awareness amongst men of the key issues faced by contemporary working women. This growing campaign has struck a chord with dads everywhere, so much so that organisations such as UBS, Aviva, Ernst & Young, Spencer Stuart and Accenture are among the City firms which are calling on fathers to back the campaign.

We want to enlist the same support from dads and organisations in the North East so that we create a culture where men are proud to support equality, no longer feel worried about calling each other out for unconscious bias, and where feminism is no longer seen as a female preserve.

Make a pledge for change

15th March is national Dads4Daughters Day, a day on which all fathers of daughters far and wide are being asked to pledge to achieve greater gender equality in the workplace – the future workplace of your daughter.

You can start the process by taking a specially designed ‘unconscious bias’ test which works to assess your gender bias. Taking around 5 minutes, the test provides you with the results and offers you the opportunity to pledge your commitment to greater equality in the workplace for current and future generations of daughters. Mums too can take the test.  We will receive a summary of all the pledges made.

Please follow the link below to make your pledge
Take the pledge

I recommend that you undertake this test on a device with a keyboard as it requires fast responses.

Dads4Daughters – Next steps in our campaign for gender equality in the workplace

It’s our aim to continue to raise awareness on gender inequality and consider how we can further effect a change in society.  We have already met with some of our NHSG Dads about this campaign and we will be engaging with girls in school and our alumnae to gather a range of views and opinions for further debate and discussion.  In the meantime, do get in touch with your comments, opinions and any offers of support.

Please get involved – make your pledge.

More information on how the ‘unconscious bias’ test works

The test is designed by leading experts in unconscious bias testing, Dr Eamon Fulcher and Geraldine Trufil of Split Second Research Ltd, and Paul Barrow of Blinc Partnership. It records individual answers anonymously and gives the test-taker some feedback about the nature of their gender bias (if any is detected). It also gives each participant the opportunity to pledge to take anything up to 18 steps to help stamp out gender bias. The number and types of pledges are recorded. Participants can print and tweet their personal pledges.

Some of the pledges test-takers can make include:

I will stop considering particular professions to be jobs orientated towards males or females.

I will judge people’s aptitude for a field on their skills rather than their gender.

In professions which are dominated by males or females, I will mentor a colleague of the opposite minority gender.

I will champion equal pay for equal work within my profession.