With a string of top grades, Daisy Pass, was stunned by news of the grades she received for her GCSEs at Newcastle High School for Girls.

Opening her results envelope this morning she discovered seven grade 9s, two grade 8s and an A*.

“I am shocked and so happy,” said Daisy. “I was predicted to do well but some of the exams were really tricky and I came out of some of them shrieking that I never wanted to do that again.”

Daisy will be continuing her studies in Sixth Form at NHSG and is planning on taking Biology, English Literature and Philosophy at A Level but is still considering whether Spanish will be an option. She is very much looking forward to life in the Sixth Form with the opportunity for increased responsibility and independence and feels that her work ethic will ensure she gets off to a good start.

She explained: “I have learned a lot about how to work efficiently over the past two years which will be a great foundation for Sixth Form.

“At the end of Year 10 my GCSE grade predictions were 7s and 8s, and I decided to step it up in Year 11 and to aim for higher grades. I started working a lot harder and also, importantly, asking for help. The teachers are always there to help you.

“I had huge support from my staff mentor Mrs McEvedy. She kept me on track and it was just brilliant knowing that I had some one I could go to, not just to talk about her subject area, but any subject that I was worried about. She helped me to direct my work in the right areas as well as encouraging me to take a break too.

Daisy is a great example of a pupil using a variety of techniques to help her to perform to her best while staying fit and healthy.

She added: “In the lead up to my exams I covered walls at home with post it notes, set the periodic table to music and designed posters – anything to help me in my exams. It all paid off. I also am mad about climbing so I would head to the climbing wall to de-stress (although I always had my revision notes with me!).”

Daisy is considering taking English at University and is considering the idea of becoming an English teacher in the future.

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