Twins Sarah and Emma Curran both picked up identical results in non identical subjects today! They both managed an amazing 2A*s and an A grade and carried on their yearly tradition of opening their results separately – one in the car with mum; the other inside school.Visitor Safety Induction

Emma picked up 2A* grades in History and Philosophy, as well as an A grade in Maths. Captain of the Debating Society, she is now going on to study Philosophy and Politics at LSE, and will stay close to her sister who is also heading down to London. She said: “I have been absolutely terrified about picking up my results, so nervous, but I’m just so happy with what I’ve achieved. I am so happy and proud of my sister too.

“Even though we both like very different things, look different and enjoy different subjects, we’re really close and we both have the same values and tastes in many things.

“I’ve loved school and I have made so many friends here. I’m captain of the Debating Society too, which has given me so much confidence – I think developing the skills to speak in public and articulate what you’re trying to say is so important and it’s great that Newcastle High encourages these things.”

Sarah Curran is also very pleased as she has managed to achieve 2 A*s and an A in Textiles, Fine Art and English Literature. Along with her twin sister, Emma, who got the same results, Sarah is heading off to North London for University. Sarah said: “I am going to do an Art Foundation course at Kingston University for one year. I got an unconditional offer so I already knew I was going, but am so pleased for my own results and for Emma’s. After my foundation course I hope to go to London College of Fashion, but I’ll see where my course takes me! Emma and I won’t be too far apart as she will be in central London at LSC studying Philosophy.”

Compared to her friends who leave for university at the end of September, Sarah leaves in less than a month. She said: “I have so much to do in the couple of weeks before I go! I’m off for a last hoorah with my NHSG friends in Zante, my mum’s getting married in Jesmond Dene and I’m moving house in Newcastle AND to London! I have been at this school since I was four and will miss it a lot, but I’m hoping the holiday and wedding will be a great way to say goodbye to the people I have been so close to for so many years.

“I would do it all again if I could.”

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