Science in the Early Years Foundation Stage is covered in the ‘Understanding the World’ area of the EYFS curriculum. It is introduced indirectly through activities that encourage the girls to explore, problem-solve, observe, predict, think, make decisions and talk about the world around them.

On 1st February, all Junior School girls were engaged in Explorer Day and Reception were no exception. The day provided an opportunity for the girls to immerse themselves in all things related to the theme of ‘exploration’ including numerous Science-based learning opportunities which were inspired by fabulous female explorers.

The girls began their day with a Technology lesson during which they spent some time researching what makes practical head-wear in Space and sourcing materials to design and create their own Space helmets. They also investigated what happens to different materials in freezing conditions to make conclusions about which of them would be most suitable for fashioning a Space suit.

Later, the girls made their own ‘Space food’ to eat and used their imaginative English skills to write a list of the useful items they would pack in their bags if they were to travel to Space. They brought their ideas to life with role-play and listened to music by the composer Gustav Holst who was best known for his orchestral suite, The Planets.

Before recording their day of learning using technology, they listened to stories from female astronauts and felt inspired by the achievements of these successful space travellers.

All of this planned purposeful learning took place both in school for children of critical workers and at home as part of the exciting Guided Home Learning programme that the girls and parents alike are embracing so well. Based on the girls’ enthusiasm during Explorer Day, we’re confident we have a Reception class full of fantastic future scientists and explorers!

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