Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage

Your daughter’s educational journey at Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) begins in our Nursery and Reception, giving her the very best start.

Outstanding teaching and learning combined with an Early Years environment creates learning opportunities to capture her imagination, spark her curiosity and develop her thirst for knowledge as she makes her first steps. And she will make excellent progress.

Our aim is to firmly set the foundations for the rest of her school days, right the way through to the age of 18. Your daughter will become confident, independent and empowered; the seeds all sown in her early years at our School. Most of all though, she will be happy and supported in our warm and caring environment.

Joining Nursery and Reception at NHSG

Girls start in Nursery at the age of three, and then move into Reception where they will continue their education through Junior School and into Senior School.

If you would like your daughter to join our Nursery or Reception, your first step will be to complete an application form for the School, after which your daughter will be invited to spend the morning with us for an entrance assessment which is carried out in the Early Years classrooms.

You can complete an online application form by going to our Admissions page. Our Admissions team will then contact you to guide you through the next stages of the admissions process. Before you begin, though, we encourage you to visit us so that you can see our wonderful Nursery and Reception for yourself.