Megan Leung was elated today after collecting her GCSE results at Newcastle High.

Her results include a stunning nine grade 9s, an A* and a grade 8.

Talking of her achievement Megan said: “It is a real relief for the waiting to be over and I feel a sense of fulfilment. I’m just elated to see all the hard work come to fruition.”

Megan will now continue her studies at NHSG in the Sixth Form taking A Levels in Philosophy, French, Biology and Chemistry.

She said: “There is such a high level of support at NHSG. I have been at the school since Nursery and love the continuity that this has created for me. I am thinking of becoming a doctor but I wanted to balance my A Level subjects so have chosen language and humanity subjects alongside the necessary science subjects – I feel this will give me a broader and more rounded learning experience plus I have really enjoyed these subjects at GCSE and want to continue with them.”

”I am going down the medicine path because I like the idea of working with people on a more intimate level where I will be able to use Science in a direct and compassionate way to help people.”

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