It is so important to introduce girls to a wide range of exciting jobs and careers from a young age. With the skills gap in STEM and the focus on getting more females following STEM career paths, we arranged for girls to take part in the Primary Engineers Leaders Award. This has involved a lot of activities over the past few weeks and it is evident that they have generated a great deal of interest amongst the girls.

We began with researching the world of Engineering and the different branches within it such as civil, electrical, structural and mechanical and the children created fact files about famous engineers from the past.
We were fortunate to be visited by four female civil and structural engineers from Cundall for Question and Answer sessions. The visiting Engineers really inspired the girls and we really owe a huge thank you to them for taking time out of their busy days to spend time with us.

As part of the award, the girls were also asked to identify a problem that affects them, their family, the community or indeed the world as a whole. Once done, they were encouraged to draw and annotate an invention that would solve the problem. We were lucky to have parents and grandparents in to help at this stage of the process during Science Week and the girls received support and advice on both how to develop and improve upon their original drafts.

Once complete, the final stage incorporated composition skills as the children had to develop the skill of writing a ‘pitch’ for their invention to encourage the judges to choose their design to make as a prototype.
We will be sending all of the entries in to Primary Engineers and regardless of winning this has definitely been an extremely valuable few weeks in developing STEM and artistic potential.

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