Mueerah Naeem

6A*s and 4 As

Mueerah Naeem is a twin so it was double worry in the Naeem household last night on the eve of results day.

Thankfully, it was good news all round with Mueerah gaining six A*s and four As and her brother almost mirroring her results.

“I worked really hard for my exams and none were too drastic.  I want to be a dentist when I am older, so I am going to take Biology and Chemistry.  My third A Level choice is less clear, it is going to be either Geography or Maths – everyone is telling me to do Maths but I like both equally so it is going to be a tough decision.

“Now I’ve got my results, I am so excited for September and the Sixth Form, especially as we move into the new building at Newcastle High and I get to concentrate on the subjects that I love.

“I’m very close to my brother so I am as delighted with his results as mine.”

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