As former Head Girl of Newcastle High, Emma Carrie from Gosforth continued to lead the way with an astounding four A*s at A Level in Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Geography. She will now be heading to Edinburgh University to study Physics.

Talking about her achievement Emma explained that while she was predicted to achieve these results by her teachers, she ‘genuinely didn’t know how well she had done’.

She said: “I checked UCAS track first thing this morning and was just so happy to see that I had been awarded my place at Edinburgh.  I then came into school to learn what my actual results were.

“After getting all A* at GCSE, I had set myself the challenge of top grades at A Level too.  The teachers also predicted A*s in the subjects I took.  While it was a lot of pressure it was my personal aim and I am really pleased that this went the way I wanted.  All the work I did was worthwhile.”

Emma achieved these results while also taking on all the responsibilities that come with being Head Girl of Newcastle High.

“It is something that goes through your mind as to whether the Head Girl role would impact on my A level study but I had the best Year 13 you could wish for and the A*s are the icing on the cake.”

It’s no surprise therefore that Emma chose Physics not only because it was the subject she enjoyed most at A Level but also because she really likes the challenge. 

“People often react strongly when you say you are studying Physics – it is not an easy subject and that’s what I like about it.”

As yet, she has no plans for where her degree will take her in the future and is going to keep her mind open about industry or academia, or even something completely left-field.

As she puts her school days behind her Emma reflects: “Today just sums up the wonderful supportive community at NHSG, we all feel as happy for each other’s successes as our own. I am sad to be leaving NHSG but today I am excited about going to uni.”

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