“I didn’t always know that I wanted to do medicine.  I decided in year 11 after doing work experience that the school helped organise that medicine would be a great career choice.

“Both my parents are doctors – but they didn’t push me into it – instead they encouraged me to follow my own path.  My Dad advised me to explore everything and rule out nothing so I knew I wasn’t closing a door on something I may love.

“I love sciences and knew I wanted to follow a career in applied science but I also enjoy English so medicine is the obvious choice as it plays to both strengths.

“School has been amazing, I have been here since the Juniors.  The atmosphere has been really supportive especially during the medical application process and a feeling of real camaraderie developed between all the girls applying for medicine.  We got through the exams and applications together.

“One of the happiest things about today is that everyone who wants to do medicine has got in and has a place to go.

“I’m excited about going to Cambridge, the course is traditional with lots of Science, I know I will love it.”

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