Ishika Jha has only put one step wrong with regards to her GCSEs and that was in predicting her own grades ahead of results day!

“I made the mistake of creating an Excel spreadsheet in order to attempt to work out what grades I would be awarded at GCSE,” explained Ishika “I was somewhat pessimistic in my predictions and thankfully my actual results were so much better!”

Indeed, Ishika has achieved at the very highest of levels collecting a superb set of grades with nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8.

“I am so relieved and I feel like a heavy weight as been lifted from my shoulders,” said Ishika when responding to the news.

With an excellent foundation for Sixth Form studies, Ishika has decided to take A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, History and Maths and will also start preparing for the university clinical aptitude and biomedical admissions tests as she is considering Medicine as a future pathway.

Making the decision to take four A Levels has not been easy: “I love all these subjects so I just couldn’t decide on only three.  I hope to continue with all four but will see how things go when I start in September.”

“I am now looking forward to the change in the structure of the school day at Sixth Form, and being able to spend more dedicated time studying fewer subjects.”

Ishika will be celebrating her GCSE results today with her family, first by going to the temple to give thanks and then for dinner later in the day.  As she was leaving to start her celebrations, she gave one bit of advice for girl in their GCSE years: “Don’t stress, keep a clear mind and focus on what you need to know.”

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