The majority of our girls may have been too young to vote in the General Election, but they were nonetheless able to make their voices heard by participating in the NHSG Mock Election.

The date, 8th June, was significant because  not only was it the date of the General Election, but it was also the 104th anniversary of the death of Emily Davison, the suffragette best known for giving her life for the struggle for women’s vote.

Girls had the opportunity to hear from four candidates:

Liv Urwin –  Liberal Democrats
Molli James – Labour
Jessica Spearman – Conservatives
Emma Scanlon – Green Party

The candidates promoted their party in the run up to the election with campaign posters and also spoke in front of the whole school the day before votes were cast.  This was a difficult task  – the girls had to convince their peers of the merits of their party’s manifesto, as well as of their own personal capability as a candidate. A special commendation must go to Emma Scanlon, our youngest candidate, who rose to the challenge admirably despite being in Year 7.

After votes were cast, the winner was Liv Urwin in Year 9, representing the Liberal Democrats. This is the second time Liv has been elected.  The first was in 2015 (for the Conservative Party!) when she was in Year 7.

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