On Tuesday 26th September Chapman House joined schools around the country in celebrating European Day of Languages. The day commenced with a fantastic themed assembly from Mrs French and then girls from Nursery to Year 6 participated in a variety of activities throughout the day.

Early Years and Key Stage 1 enjoyed singing along to a catchy tune, Hello to all the children in the world which emphasised that small cultural differences are superficial and do not really matter. The song talked about how children around the world speak different languages, wear different clothing and eat different foods, but essentially everyone enjoys playing with their friends! We then watched the International Day episode of Peppa Pig which depicted typical clothing from different countries. Girls then put their memory skills to the test by accurately colouring pictures of these national costumes.

In Key Stage 2 we focused on, ‘Why it is important to learn languages’. The girls excelled in providing positive reasons why it is such an essential life skill. Here are some of their ideas: ‘to find out what life is like in other countries’, ‘to talk and play with other children’, ‘to learn new things’, ‘to make friends’, ‘to find out about other people’s cultures and festivals’, ‘to communicate with others’. After our interesting discussion, the girls realised that learning a language is so much more than learning words in a classroom: it is embracing a country’s culture, food, music, festivals and celebrations and hopefully one day travelling to experience these for themselves.

Lastly, we explored The European Day of Languages website: www.edl.ecml.at which allowed the girls to research trivia about any of the European countries, learn new words, complete a quiz, learn tongue twisters, discover celebrity language speakers… the fun just goes on. If you haven’t discovered this website then please take a look, you will learn something new!

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