As part of the Engineering Education Scheme, we are given the opportunity to work with a professional company in the field which provides us with valuable mentoring and also presents us with a real-life development project that requires independent investigation.

Our project brief encompasses research into the possibility of offshore power generation using the movement of flexible risers carrying oil and gas from the sea bed to the surface; considering significant factors that could alter the movement of the risers, such as water depth and the natural sea state. In order for us to gain a real insight into an engineering environment and to understand the main concepts of the project – the restrictions and limitations of the risers manufactured by GE Oil and Gas – we organised a company visit where we spent the day at GE in Walker.

At the start of the day we were given a presentation by our team mentor Michelle and her team. This allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of the interior workings of the pipes GE designs, as well as the main project objectives.

We were then given a tour of the shop floor where we saw the manufacturing process in action, which gave us a true understanding of the scale of the project.
After lunch, we kicked off the afternoon with an informative discussion with experienced engineers about the variety of different roles within the company and how they all work together to achieve collective goals.

Our day finished with a productive team meeting where we consolidated our plans to propel us forward with our project.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience and were given a lot of useful advice that we can take on board for the future, both for our project and for our educational careers.

Additionally, it proved very interesting to see the application of (primarily) Physics in real life to solve everyday problems and it has certainly inspired us all.

Georgia Richardson, Amber Soakell, Rosie Hurcombe, Rachel Tsang, Year 12

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