Each year the girls vote for their school charity and this year the girls are supporting Percy Hedley which is hoping to raise £1million pounds for a hydrotherapy pool.

For just one of a number of initiatives, Newcastle High School for Girls organised a Raising and Giving month to encourage the girls in each School House to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause.

The House Captains led the programme and girls threw themselves into the challenge demonstrating their energy, generosity and creativity. They ran a wide range of events and activities including a Slumber Party for all the girls at school and NHSG Strictly Come Dancing competition where the teachers competed against one another for the coveted prize.

The girls were spurred on in their endeavours by a visit to the Percy Hedley Centre where they could see the work of the Centre for themselves.

Tizzy Lawson, 18, who chairs the Charity Committee said:

“Our visit around the Percy Hedley Centre gave us valuable insight into where the money is going and who it will be helping. Seeing the impressive Foundation in action and the community of people within it encouraged all of us to carry on Raising and Giving in the final week of the competition and the rest of the year.”

The girls raised a huge £5,380.30 during RaG month alone and will continue throughout the year to fundraise for Percy Hedley.


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