April Faldon, Year 9, writes:

One sunny Sunday in May half-term a group of Year 5 and 6 dancers and I congregated in the Dance Studio at Chapman House for an exciting day ahead.

We were joined by an amazing choreographer (whose name was Kristin Kelly-Abbott) who taught us a dance inspired by ship building on the Tyne and the famous North East shipyard workers called the Gadgies.

We were immediately inspired by her knowledgeable words and throughout the day the character of the Gadgie slowly took shape. All of our movements were inspired by the different jobs a Gadgie would have to undertake in a day’s work, and Kristin made us understand how hard and tiring these jobs would be.

Our movements were then slowly formed into a bold and strong dance. That was when the excitement started to build and the tension was rising. We had to perform the dance (which we learned in just one day) at the Northern Stage a few days later.

Everyone knew that we had been rehearsing very hard and we were all hoping that we didn’t forget the movements. When our time came to perform as one of the opening acts of Kristin’s show, we went out onto the stage and performed a moving piece of dance with no mistakes!

We then watched Kristin’s company perform their professional work called Launch Day. I’m sure all of the girls would say that it was a very enjoyable experience and if an opportunity like that came around again, I’m sure we would all dive in with two feet!



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