Year 3 has been studying the Ancient Egyptians this term. They visited the Great North Museum where they examined two Egyptian mummified bodies and completed a workshop exploring different artefacts.

Back in School, girls got a taste of Ancient Egyptian cuisine by making their very own Egyptian bread. As part of their English lessons focus on instructions, they were tasked with reordering a jumbled up Egyptian bread recipe, before making the bread, which was (very kindly!) baked by our catering staff.

The fun didn’t stop there, girls have enjoyed an array of Egyptian-themed work: locating the key areas in Egypt; writing their own names in hieroglyphics; making a timeline of historical Egyptian events; comparing the climate of sunny Cairo with that of the North East of England; writing about a newly discovered secret pyramid; sharing their research on mummification and pyramids; converting Egyptian hieroglyphics into modern day numbers; making Egyptian treasure maps and, finally, writing instructions for, then playing, their Egyptian gods and goddesses game cards.

Superb work as ever, Year 3!

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