Artistic genes clearly run in the Leonard family, Isobel who gained 9A*s and an A at GCSE will be pursuing her dream of becoming a screen writer by combining Fine Art with English Literature, Politics and Biology at A level.

Her dad, a former painter who paints now as a hobby, has clearly passed his creative genes on to his daughter along with his brains.

Isobel is now firmly established as the biggest brain in the Leonard family. Her Dad joked with her that she couldn’t do better than him and knock him off the pedestal as the brightest Leonard.  Isobel and her parents are delighted that she has done just that.

Isobel is a keen screenplay writer, a lot of her work is very visual and usually focuses on dark comedy. Her choice of A levels, including Art and English Literature, will help foster her talent.

Isobel said:

“Art has been one of the subjects I’ve enjoyed the most, even during the exam period, I would turn to art for some light relief – thankfully this is going to continue with my A levels and the science will ground me!

“I’m going to celebrate with a haircut – I joked that if the results had gone badly, I was going to shave my head, thankfully I’m just going for a trim!”

An emotional mum, Jessica Leonard said:

“I am so proud of her, I can’t stop crying. I have been more stressed than she has.  I knew she’d do well she had worked so hard for these exams.  It was my job to keep the food coming. She kept the brain happy – I kept the stomach happy.  It was my mum’s mantra that nourishment was the key – keep the positive endorphins flowing, my mum did it for me and I did it for Isobel, and she has surpassed us all. She has done so well.”

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