Year 4 have been topping up their historical skills in some creative ways. Firstly, we had a visit from Durham University. Then, we were the first class to trial a new workshop developed by Newcastle University at the Great North Museum.

On both occasions the girls handled genuine artefacts from Ancient Greece and worked with texts, pictures and reproduced pieces to help them understand the Greek world and assess their value. They took part in a Greek Tragedy and made ‘votive’ offerings out of clay. They have been astounded by the influence the discoveries from the time of Ancient Greece still have on our modern day life. Interestingly, the workshop led by Newcastle University was all about the role of women from that time. Very little is actually known because the people recording the history were all men!

Here are some of Year 4’s memorable moments from their work on Ancient Greece.

Durham University came to visit Year 4 on Friday 18th November to talk to us about the Ancient Greeks. One of the things that they talked about was that there were two main city states; Sparta and Athens. Both of them had a surrounding city wall protecting them from enemies. One other similarity was that they were both surrounded by sea.
Cameron Haydon Year 4

The people from the University also brought us some examples of Greek pottery to look at as well as ancient coins too. They had the most beautiful vases, with such decorative patterns and the hand of a Greek God painted onto them. One of the bowls even had a God illustrated on the bottom of it! This was Dionysus, the God of Wine. Greeks also loved their buildings, which is why there are so many ruins left in Greece today.
Tabitha Atkinson Year 4

The Greeks invented voting and democracy! Quite regularly, city folk would get together and simply raise their hand to decide who they thought should be King. Unfortunately, women, farmers and slaves were not allowed to vote.
Freya Smith Year 4

The coins which were shown to us were all very different. Each city state had their own God detailed on the coin, for example: Athena, The Goddess of War and Wisdom appeared on the coin of Athens. We also found out that things were very different in Ancient Greece to what they are now. For example, today, a woman can go anywhere she likes however in Ancient Greek times, a man was allowed to go everywhere but a woman couldn’t. How is this fair?
Ana Ilyas Year 4

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