From Nursery (at age 3) to Year 6, girls are given purposeful reasons to find things out for themselves. They acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills.  They are encouraged to think creatively and critically in order to solve problems. Our classrooms are thinking spaces where the girls can engage in discussion, challenge opinions and develop skills which will enable them to make sound judgements and analyse the world around them. Basic transferable skills are delivered through a curriculum inspired by our great city which reflects its cultural diversity and passion for life which is so admired throughout the country.

Each term and in every Year Group, we introduce a Creative Curriculum topic which launches the journey of discovery; it could be a Rain Forest investigation or unearthing the Aztecs. We make full use of the most up to date IT equipment including iPads so that the girls can find out interesting facts and present their work appropriately as they explore their topic in detail. The girls’ learning is strengthened and deepened by their own interest in the subject. Most of all, their passion for learning comes alive and self-confidence rockets.

Right from their first days in Nursery, girls are taught Spanish.

Learning another language, we believe, should be a natural development and our fun and exciting approach to teaching Spanish links in a meaningful way to the whole curriculum. We aim to set the foundations in Junior School, so that all girls will gain fluency and develop a passion for foreign languages. We know that this will encourage the girls to discover and learn other languages in Senior School including French and German. Sport, too, is an important part of our curriculum and our new astroturf facilities and Gym/Dance Studio have added to the onsite opportunities for girls. Our learning journey continues as we take teaching and learning into the outdoors where we are able to make learning concepts real and relevant. Girls thrive in our sensory garden and are able to access our own bog garden which enhances their investigative skills.

Science lessons come to life as they explore and observe plants and creatures at first hand.

The external classrooms and storytelling area take the girls into imaginative worlds that inspire and encourage creative thinking. We are an accredited Forest School too; sitting around the fire pit with a bowl of soup made from vegetables they have grown themselves in our kitchen garden is a memory girls will cherish forever.