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Junior School

Life’s an adventure at any age but, when you’re starting at our Junior School, every day is an exciting experience.
Dream making to Trailblazing

With our education shaped around how girls learn best, your daughter will soon find herself in an exciting world where she will become an explorer, an inventor, and a deep thinker, and all the while developing a deep joy for learning. 

What’s uniquely special about our Junior School is how our superb learning environment enables us to shape our curriculum way beyond the requirements of the national curriculum and to offer a rounded and rich educational experience which will expand your daughter’s learning.

Add to this our outdoor learning programme, array of workshops, co-curricular clubs and trips at NHSG, and your daughter will find every day offers a new learning adventure.

And because we are an all-girl school, we can deliver it all in a way we know will inspire her and spark her curiosity. 

With the support of exceptional teachers, your daughter will grow in academic skills and confidence. She will be happy, engaged and always excited to challenge herself in and out of the classroom.

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Parent of a Junior School Pupil

Our daughter transformed from a quiet, and quite shy little girl, into an incredibly self confident child, willing to take on anything, not afraid to put herself out there, speak in public or engage with people she had never met of any age and in whatever context.  It was remarkable to watch..

Newcastle High School for Girls - Learning

Where joy for learning takes root.

Right from day one, your daughter will start her own personal education journey and our curriculum is designed to both inspire and develop her to confidently take risks, master academic skills and challenge herself to reach high. 

Coupled with this, her class teacher will know her for who is she is, and who she can be, and will provide support and stretch in equal measure.

Our curriculum is broad, with literacy and numeracy at the core, but at NHSG we believe that offering specialist teaching from as early as possible will ensure all girls come on in leaps and bounds.

Alongside our expert class teachers, who are highly trained in delivering our curriculum, your daughter will enjoy PE, Music and Spanish from subject specialists from her very first days in Nursery and this continues right through until she takes her next step into Senior School. Mandarin is also taught by specialist staff from Year 2, and in Year 3 and 4 your daughter will start her day at Senior School one day each week, benefitting from the expertise of our Senior School PE team and making use of the excellent sport facilities.

By Year 5, the girls spend a whole morning in Senior School, and in Year 6 this is extended to a full day, with lessons which include PE, Spanish and Science in our fabulous science laboratories with specialist staff. Your daughter will not only benefit from expert teaching, but grow in confidence within the Senior School environment, ensuring a smooth and happy transition into Senior School when the time comes. 

The strength of the GDST network means we have a range of opportunities to connect with organisations such as the Royal Institution and the Globe Theatre in London. These exciting programmes enrich your daughter’s education and allow her to connect with GDST girls across the country.

Can I just say how amazingly impressive it’s been to see all the work for today’s event woven throughout the girls’ whole curriculum over the past few weeks. From 2D shape scarecrows in maths to pumpkin drawings in art, autumn poems in English and singing practice in music lessons. My daughter has absolutely loved joining in!

Parent of Year 1 pupil.

Newcastle High School for Girls - Co-curricular

Nurturing your daughter's independent spirit.

Independent spirits are celebrated at NHSG. We want your daughter to have the opportunity to find her own passions and interests and in doing so develop independence and have a lot of fun along the way.

Our co-curricular programme offers a vast range of clubs and activities and fulfils our aim of allowing our girls to explore the world around them. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved: whether it be sport or music, coding or chess, through House activities or planning a charity campaign, your daughter’s days at school will be filled with purposeful endeavours.

Alongside our array of clubs and activities, our Bright Sparks programme is designed to stretch young minds, and our Creative Sparks programme will allow your daughter’s imagination to be ignited further.

We'll also encourage your daughter to start to learn how she can shape her own life and to learn to listen and respond to the people around her. That’s why we offer a leadership programme in our Junior School. Through this she can be an ambassador for her school and she will have the opportunity to take up a role that allows her to follow a passion and help her to be a good citizen and support others.

Newcastle High School for Girls - Wellbeing

Putting girls first every single day.

Junior School at NHSG is full of joy and your daughter's wellbeing and her happiness at school are paramount. That's why we have an Assistant Head Pastoral to spearhead our pastoral programme from Nursery to Year 6. Alongside this, our pastoral care team is made up of class teachers, phase leaders, pastoral lead, school nurse and senior leadership team; indeed every member of staff at NHSG is charged with the wellbeing of the girls. Together, we want each day at school to be a joyous experience, where your daughter will feel safe, cared for and supported.

Alongside this, plenty of fresh air, exercise and a healthy diet underpin our philosophy, and our catering partner, Holroyd Howe, offers high-quality nutritional menus.

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Newcastle High School for Girls - Facilities

Everything your daughter needs to excel.

Your daughter's days at our Junior School will be ones that she will never forget. That's because she will enjoy an unrivalled education delivered in the finest learning environment in the North East. Our beautiful grounds, extending to five acres, make us the only school that can truly make claim to deliver outdoor learning opportunities every single day.  Within our grounds sits Chapman House designed by John Dobson, a repurposed chapel and a purpose built extension housing light and spacious classrooms. There's everything your daughter needs to excel and learn without limits. Explore our grounds and facilities by clicking on the link below.

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Newcastle High School for Girls - Out of school

We're around to help make your life more simple.

Balancing work and family commitments is never easy. That’s why NHSG offers wraparound care before and after school, and during the holidays, providing reassurance to parents with busy lives that their daughters will be in safe hands.

Seahorse Club - After School Everyday
We know how important wraparound care is. Seahorse After School Club is here from 8.00 a.m. until registration begins and from the end of the school day until 6.00 p.m. We help girls prepare for the day ahead and then round off the school day with fun activities. 

Seahorse Holiday Club
Making plans for childcare can be a challenge during the school holidays, but, when your daughter joins NHSG, you can be sure that our Seahorse Holiday Club is there to support you when you need it. Operating for the majority of the school holidays during the week and from 8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m., your holiday cover worries will be over.

The charges for our Seahorse After School Club and Holiday Club are shown in the fees section on this website.  

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Newcastle High School for Girls - Open Days

Open Days. See for yourself.

The best way for you and your daughter to gain a real sense of everything NHSG can offer in our Junior School is by visiting us during one of our Open Days, or, if more suitable, to arrange a private visit.  As well as viewing our excellent facilities, you'll be able to meet the Head of Junior School, experienced staff, and our wonderful pupils. You'll soon discover how your daughter can flourish at NHSG.

Open day dates

Meet the team leading the way to your daughter's future.

Emma Barnett - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Emma Barnett
Head of Junior School 

Working in partnership with Mrs Hardie, Head, my role is to deliver on a shared vision of excellence, and innovation of teaching and learning at Junior School so that every girl has an exceptional education, and a seamless journey into Senior School, fully equipped with the academic and wider skills to flourish.

Louise Stairmand - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Louise Stairmand
Key Stage 1 Phase Leader 2023 - 2024

The girls’ happiness is my priority as they are focused and stretched to achieve their very best during this phase of their NHSG journey. I lead the Year 1 and Year 2 teaching staff to ensure a vibrant and stimulating learning environment that allows every individual girl to learn effectively and grow in independence and confidence.

Amanda Hardie - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Kate Dunn
Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

As Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader, I oversee the girls’ progress and development as they move into the next phase of their journey here at NHSG. Nurturing their growing independence and confidence is a key aspect of my role, as well as ensuring that the love of learning and curiosity about the world around them continues beyond their early years. Warm, caring relationships alongside support and academic challenge ensure that your daughter develops into her very best self.

Kate Gingles - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Louise Gibson
EYFS Phase Leader

I am passionate about making sure our pupils’ first years at school are both joyful and memorable. My role is to ensure that our EYFS curriculum is the best it can be for our youngest girls and to support the EYFS team to deliver this through teaching and learning of the highest quality. I strongly believe in working hand in hand with parents to ensure that every girl is reaching her full potential in Nursery and Reception and that she is having the most amazing time doing so.

Newcastle High School for Girls - School Travel

School travel made easy.

The school run can be stressful. Our reliable, fully chaperoned, school mini-bus service offers a variety of routes from across the region, and can be as flexible as you need it to be. We even run a shuttle bus service between our Junior and Senior School sites. Our school bus service also helps to reduce the numbers of cars on the road (which our planet will thank us for).

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Newcastle High School for Girls - Term Dates

Term dates.

It's always helpful to know when the School terms start and finish, as well as the holiday periods.

Junior School fees for Years 1-6

School fees per term for academic year 2023 - 2024

School Fees per term


Lunch fees per term

£262 (Years 1-2)
£277 (Years 3-6)

After School Club

(16.00 - 18.00) 

16.00 - 16.30: £2.75

16.30 - 17.30:  £2.75

17.30 - 18.00:  £2.75

After School Club



Seahorse Club

Full Day (9.00 - 16.00)


Seahorse Club

Wrap-around (8.00 - 9.00 or 16.00 - 17.00)


Seahorse Club

Late Wrap-around (17.00 - 18.00)


Please click here to see our fees for Nursery and Reception

Please note:
Fees cover tuition as part of the regular curriculum, textbooks and scientific materials. Fees also include non-residential curriculum trips.

Fees do not cover tuition for optional extra subjects, which are charged for directly by the School or the self-employed peripatetic teacher. The costs of stationery are also additional to the fees.

Tuition fees do not include School lunches. All pupils up to the end of Year 13 are required to have School lunch and the cost is added to the fees account and collected at the beginning of every term.

Payment of fees
Fees must be paid for by the Bank Direct Debit system and the necessary form can be provided either by the School or from the Trust Head Office. The fees may be paid either termly in advance or by monthly instalments (four per term).

Acceptance fee
A deposit of £500 is charged on the acceptance of a place, and is held until the pupil leaves the School. It will be refunded as soon as is reasonably practicable after this and, in any case, no later than 12 weeks after the end of term, less any outstanding fees or additional charges due to the School. It is forfeit if a pupil is withdrawn after the place has been accepted.

NOTE: This website is for information only and does not form part of any contract between the parents and the Girls’ Day School Trust. This is because the information has necessarily been prepared well in advance of entry of a pupil to the school and inevitably there may be subsequent alterations.