Year 1 have been immersed in their topic based around the popular Katie Morag books written by Mairi Hedderwick. They have used the books as the basis for many English and topic lessons, culminating in a fabulous assembly on Friday 6th March for girls in Junior School and then their own parents.

The topic lends itself to lots of Geography-based learning because the stories are inspired by the real Scottish island of Coll. The girls completed map work to locate the island, then we created non-fiction books after researching Coll on the internet. They did an amazing job to create their books which included important literary features such as a contents page, headings, captions and fascinating facts.

The girls had fun learning about geographical terms. They found out what physical and human features are and searched for some examples around the school grounds.

During English lessons, we spent time studying the characters and plots of specific Katie Morag stories. We even went on a hunt outside to locate different characters. Katie Morag Delivers the Mail was a popular story to learn more about the main character and Katie Morag and the New Pier was used to look at differing opinions for and against building a bigger pier on the fictional Island of Struay.

The girls worked incredibly hard to practise their Year Group assembly and they did a superb job! They showcased their amazing knowledge by taking the audience on a journey to the Scottish Island. They also acted out Katie Morag Delivers the Mail using lots of crafty props.

Congratulations Year 1!

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