After attending an event at the British Museum in London this summer, India Hammal is set on studying Anthropology at University.

London is her ideal destination as she would like to combine studying Law and Anthropology with continuing her love and involvement in dance and theatre, interests that she intends to pursue into Sixth Form alongside her A Levels in English Literature, History and Maths.

India has been ballroom dancing since she was five years old and believes that it has helped her cope with the pressure of exams which saw her secure 9 A*s.  Looking ahead to University, India is well ahead in planning and has already sussed out that many London Universities have ballroom dancing societies.  She still has her competition dresses so is ready to go!

In preparation for A Levels, India has been reading a lot over the summer mixing some of the classics with contemporary fiction and is excited at the prospect of getting the A Level reading list for English Literature.

India said: “I am not only looking forward to the subjects I’ve chosen at A Level, I’m also excited to get involved in the theatrical productions and dance at school.  There is a great mix of activities on offer and the teachers are always so supportive.  When I have dance commitments at the same time as school work, they are always keen to help me balance the two and are ready to offer support whenever it is needed.”

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