Everything we do in Nursery and Reception is designed to set your daughter on her own individual learning journey.

We will be working in close partnership with you and your daughter to ensure she develops and progresses at exactly the right pace for her.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, the statutory framework set by the Government for children aged three to five. As a result we will be focusing on your daughter’s communication skills, physical and personal development and her literacy and mathematical skills.

We will also help her to understand the world around her and to develop the skills to express herself creatively. As an independent school, we are able to go above and beyond the statutory framework, providing a tremendous number of opportunities that will enrich your daughter’s learning experience, for example, she will be taught Dance, Music, Spanish and PE by specialist teachers.


We know that girls flourish when they can explore, investigate and engage with the world around them. That’s why, in Nursery and Reception, we take play seriously!

Through well planned play your daughter will learn with both enjoyment and challenge. Our superb environment allows learning to take place indoors and outdoors giving her maximum opportunity to explore, experiment and make decisions for herself. Our school grounds are particularly exciting, and your
daughter will soon be enjoying learning in the mud-kitchen, developing skills through Forest School and seeing stories come to life in our outdoor storytelling garden, all the while engaging in memorable learning which she can take back into the classroom.


At NHSG, we actively engage the girls’ natural curiosity and imagination, while allowing their creativity to come to the fore, not just in what they do and make but also in how they think, both creatively and critically. As well as asking your daughter to explore the use of a wide range of media and materials with which to make things, we will actively encourage her to share and articulate her thoughts, feelings and ideas through role-play, design and technology, art, music, movement and dance. These aspects of our curriculum are particularly important in building confidence and self-esteem; your daughter will stand tall while she shares her brilliant ideas with her teachers and peers.