As part of British Science week, on 13th-22nd March, Newcastle High invited two speakers to deliver

On Wednesday 18th March, Professor Plummer, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research at Newcastle University, delivered a lecture, “Hunting for new cancer drugs”. In just one hour the audience learned about the history of Cancer treatment from Roman times to the present day. She reminded us that the biggest cause of cancer is smoking and that most cancers are not hereditary. Professor Plummer explained the Science behind some of the most recent drugs used to treat cancer and told us about her work at the Northern Institute of Cancer. Professor Plummer conducts clinical trials of drugs on people who have run out of other treatment options. All drugs have to be tested on humans after they have been tested on animals, so that the benefits and side effects of the drugs can be fully understood. It was a hugely informative and fascinating insight into the fight against cancer.

On Thursday 23rd April, Dr Gabriele Jordan, Lecturer at Newcastle University delivered a lecture “Is the Red I see the same as the Red you see?”

Dr Jordan told the audience that there isn’t any colour in the world. People perceive colour differently due to the cones in the retina, the lighting and how the brain associates different objects.

One example used was the infamous dress debate, with people in the audience seeing white and gold, blue and black, or even lilac and brown!

The lecture was extremely though provoking and ultimately taught the audience that we probably all see things differently.

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