Nursery girls have had a super start to the new school year. They have amazed us with their engagement and enthusiasm for learning and also for their compassion and kindness to each other.

This half-term the girls have explored their own feelings through a fun story about a confused little creature ‘The Colour Monster’. He sorted his feelings out with the help of a friend and has reinforced learning about how to identify feelings and recognise that it is okay to feel differently at different times.

We encourage the girls to talk about their feelings even if they are confusing and remind them of the colour monster if they are feeling angry, sad or mixed up. The story also explores colour as each feeling has its own colour – red for angry, blue for sad, grey for scared, yellow for happiness, green for calm and pink for love.

The girls finished the topic by painting and making collages of their very own collage monsters and even made some food for him in the mud kitchen.

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