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Newcastle High School For Girls - “Thea ready for A Level challenge after success at GCSE”

Thea ready for A Level challenge after success at GCSE

August 25, 2023
Thea ready for A Level challenge after success at GCSE Thea Jeffares is ready for the challenge of A Level study at NHSG after receiving top grades in all her GCSE subjects. She said:I have been really nervous over the last week and imagining the worst, so it’s a big relief and I feel very happy.  A big thank you to my teachers for always pushing me and believing in my ability. They helped me to reach my potential. Now I can put GCSEs behind me and properly move on.” With one grade 9, eight grade 8s and a 7, Thea has an excellent foundation for Sixth Form at NHSG where she plans to take A Levels in English Literature, History and Politics. Explaining the reasons for her choices, Thea said: ‘I’ve always loved English so that was an easy choice. I hadn’t originally selected History for GCSE but had a last minute switch and absolutely loved it, particularly the topic on the Cold War topic. There’s a Russian unit in the A Level syllabus so I am really looking forward to learning that.’ Thea is thinking about studying Law at university so added that “Politics feels like a good fit”. Planning on throwing herself into Sixth Form life, Thea also expects to be out on the school courts and pitches: “Sport is my thing so I will be getting involved over the next two years.” ‘When I was in Year 7, I thought Sixth Form looked cool and since then I have always wanted to be in it, and now it starts next week! In Sixth Form you are treated more like an adult and you have a bit more independence. So it’s like starting again while still being at NHSG.” “Being at an all-girl school is the best environment - 100%. No-one is afraid to be smart and it’s the most nurturing environment. Coming to Senior School here was THE best decision.”
Newcastle High School For Girls - “GCSE Celebrations for Catherine”

GCSE Celebrations for Catherine

August 25, 2023
Catherine Brettell was still taking it all in on GCSE results day as her results envelope revealed an outstanding set of grades - four 9s, five 8s and a 7. She said: “My GCSEs have been out of mind for most to the summer but obviously I have been thinking about them more over the past few days. I am particularly pleased with my 9 in Geography and grade 8 in Chemistry!” Catherine also took a moment to praise her teachers who helped her achieve such great grades: “They are always involved and dedicated to you doing well,  They want you to do as well as you do so I am very grateful.” Now Catherine is looking forward to studying her chosen A Level subjects of Biology, Geography and Psychology in more depth in NHSG’s Sixth Form. She explained more: “I enjoy trying to learn how things work so these subjects appeal to me. Biology and Geography are my favourite subjects and my older sister Eleanor studied Psychology A Level here at NHSG and now also at University so she gave the course a glowing review.” Without a firm decision on what the future beyond Sixth Form holds, Catherine is planning on enjoying Sixth Form and seeing where the next two years take her. She’ll be focusing on her studies and her love for Drama and Singing. “I’ll definitely be auditioning for next year’s School Musical Legally Blonde where I would love to be Emmett.”
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Nerves replaced with joy for Afefa”

Nerves replaced with joy for Afefa

August 24, 2023
While Afefa Aymon Zamil admits to being a little nervous before opening her GCSE results this morning she says her parents were more nervous than her. Nerves soon gave way to joy, as Afefa and her parents learned she had collected all top grades at GCSE with two 9s, six 8s, and 2 7s. Afefa said: “Going into my exams I felt I had done everything I could and I am really happy with my results particularly English Literature where I have more than exceeded my grade prediction." She added: “All my teachers have been so helpful and put in extra time and care for me -  reassuring me as well as encouraging me to have high expectations for myself. Everyone wants you to do well here.” Planning on taking three A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Politics, Afefa says she is keeping her options open. “I am aiming to be dermatologist as I have real interest in skincare and it seems like it would be a great profession for me. I have also selected an essay based A Level to keep my options open too as I am also interested in taking a Law degree. I am going to be doing lots of work experience over the next two years to help me with my decision.” As she contemplates what Sixth Form at NHSG will be like for her, Afefa aims to “have some fun and remain calm throughout Year 12 as well as to stay on top of my work."
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Top grades at GCSE means Iona is running on a high”

Top grades at GCSE means Iona is running on a high

August 24, 2023
Cross County runner, Iona Johnstone, was on a high after learning she had achieved all top grades at GCSE today. After receiving seven grade 9s, three grades 8s and a grade  7, Iona said: ”I was quite nervous this morning but I was excited to see what I could achieve. I’m in shock as my results are better than I thought I could ever achieve and I have exceeded my own expectations. “I am particularly pleased with my English and Spanish grades as I found these subject hard, but also very happy with my Science and Maths results as I love these subjects.” Starting at NHSG’s Sixth Form in September, Iona will be taking A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.  “There is so much to explore in these subjects which help explain how the world works to provide a greater understanding of the universe.” Iona is an outstanding Cross Country athlete and competes for the North East in inter-county and national competitions and she is aiming to remain at the top of her sport while at Sixth Form as well as taking her learning to the next level. “After A Levels, I would like to go to Oxbridge to study Physics or Maths.  What I have achieved today will give me a great foundation for that and I am so excited for the challenge of A Levels.” With obvious high aspirations, it’s no surprise that Iona has also set herself another challenge to achieve Grade 8 in Music while in Sixth Form too. Iona plans to celebrate her success with her sister Sophie who collected outstanding A Level results from the school last week. She said: “NHSG provides a really supportive environment – we never worry that our ideas are irrelevant and or inconsequential. The staff and pupils all help each other and it’s these relationships that make a huge difference to what you can achieve.” And, if you are about to start your GCSEs this year, Iona’s advice is: “Know that you will be building on your skills throughout the course. You will shock yourself with what you can achieve – there’s no limit if you work hard and consistently.”
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Wing Sum sings the praises of her support system after superb results”

Wing Sum sings the praises of her support system after superb results

August 24, 2023
Wing Sum Lee, who joined NHSG in Year 11 from an international school in Malaysia, could not thank the school enough after receiving outstanding grades at GCSE this morning. Wing Sum, who gained all Grade 8s and 9s, said: “Thank you so much, I never thought I would get these grades and I definitely wouldn’t have without the help of my teachers.  I have had so much support since joining the school, the teachers have been very approachable and always available.” The timing of the move to England for Wing Sum was far from ideal for GCSE preparation but was unavoidable for the family. Mr Lee, who was thrilled for his daughter, said: “Work meant that we had to make the move but Mr Tippett provided so much support during the transition – we owe him a lot. NHSG has been so accommodating and we very much appreciate that.” Wing Sum will be continuing her studies at NHSG’s Sixth Form where she will be taking A Levels on Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths and plans to pursue Medicine at university. She explained: “My parents are scientists so I have grown up in that environment. Medicine is always progressing and there’s always something new to learn alongside the development of new technologies – that’s what excites me.” With the intensity of her GCSE experience behind her, Wing Sum is now looking forward to getting more involved in the wider school life. “When I joined NHSG I had to focus on getting up to speed in my GCSE studies, but in Sixth Form I’ll be taking advantage of the sports on offer at the school as well as putting myself forward for the Sixth Form leadership opportunities. I can’t wait.”
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Emma’s GCSE preparation reaps phenomenal results”

Emma’s GCSE preparation reaps phenomenal results

August 24, 2023
Celebrating a phenomenal seven grade 9s and grade four grades 8s, Emma says her planned revision schedule kept her on track in the lead up to her GCSE examinations. She said: “The exam period was stressful and with my first exam just after Easter it was a long time to keep focused. My organised schedule helped a lot as did my Mum.” As well as providing the usual parental support during the exam period, Mrs Cowie also helped by listening to Emma recounting and talking through her past paper practices. “I learned a huge amount myself, and reminded myself of a lot of what I had forgotten too!” says Mrs Cowie who is delighted with Emma’s GCSE achievements. Emma’s GCSE results put her on a very firm foundation for Sixth Form at NHSG where she will be taking Physics, Maths, Further Maths and German. Emma explained: “I chose these subjects because I find them really interesting and easy to learn so they seemed to be a logical choice. I am considering a degree in Computer Science, Maths or in Languages.” The recent school trip to Berlin helped in her decision to take German at A Level.  Emma said: “I like the German sentence structure and also the country is so interesting.” With the new school year just two weeks away, Emma is looking forward to being able to focus her studies on the subjects she really enjoys as well as the independent study aspects. She’s already thinking about her Extended Project Qualification where she is planning to explore the difference between AI and human Intelligence. Alongside her academic studies, Emma will be taking full advantage of the schools co-curricular programme with Netball, Badminton, Football, Hockey, school musical, Piano and Gold D of E all featuring. With so much to fit in, Emma’s skills in creating an organised schedule are going to be very useful for Sixth Form too!
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Girls’ Glee at GCSE as NHSG Celebrates their Success”

Girls’ Glee at GCSE as NHSG Celebrates their Success

August 24, 2023
Excited students from Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) were more than a little gleeful this morning as they opened their GCSE results at the school while parents and teachers watched on. With 38% of all GCSE grades awarded at 8 and 9, and 80% at grades 6 to 9, alongside excellent individual results, NHSG has continued to demonstrate the outstanding academic support it provides each and every one of its pupils so that they can achieve their best. Over a quarter of the NHSG students taking their GCSE exam this year also achieved top grades of 7 to 9 in nine or more subjects and there were strong results across the whole range of GCSE subjects offered at NHSG, from the Arts to Sciences and Humanities to languages. – highlighting the strength of breadth across the school. The GCSE results come just one week after outstanding A Level results were reported at the leading all-girls school in Jesmond. Mrs Amanda Hardie, Acting Head at NHSG, praised the students and their teachers for securing such successful results. She said: “I am so delighted for this Year Group who have worked so hard and with determination in the lead up to their GCSE exams. They have coped admirably with the turbulent times that Covid brought and also with the additional challenges of the GCSE years. I am extremely proud of them. “As their thoughts now turn to Sixth Form at NHSG, I know they have an excellent foundation on which to build upon for A Level study. Our aim is to continue to support each and every girl academically as well as to develop further their wider skills and confidence so that they can go onto fulfil their dreams. “Today however is focused on celebration and my congratulations to the students and also to their teachers who have supported them brilliantly.”
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Award winning Emma to Study Film at University”

Award winning Emma to Study Film at University

August 17, 2023
Demonstrating her outstanding ability in Film, Emma Hands secured a place a Salford University to study her dream course in film after receiving excellent A Level results today. Emma, who won the prestigious Best Film GDST short film competition in May 2022 which saw her competing with talented students from across the GDST family of schools, says her success today has been entirely down the to the confidence she has gained while being at NHSG. “I joined NHSG in Sixth Form because I thought it would provide me with the opportunity to get into film, and when I won the GDST Short Film Competition it really boosted my confidence in my abilities and also my confidence to be a woman in film.” “Film still remains a male dominated sector but being at an all-girl school I have learned that I can achieve anything and it’s made me much more determined and motivated as a result.” Having achieved an A grade in Art and Bs in English and Philosophy, Emma’s confidence and self-belief have grown enormously over the two years at NHSG where she has been encouraged to follow her own dreams and be the person she wants to be. Now she is looking at how she can support others in fulfilling their ambitions. She said: “I love film as an art form and how you can visually tell a story. It’s mind blowing how film can impact people’s lives in a positive way.” Looking to the future, Emma says it would be empowering to work for herself making films and that she would like to try to “change the gender dynamic in film and share my own experiences with others.” As Emma’s Sixth Form education at NHSG draws to a close, she recommends others take up the opportunity to join NHSG’s Sixth Form. “This school provides great opportunities for anything you want to do. The support is incredible.”